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Slip Grip Slipper

Slip Grip Slipper
Slip Grip Slipper thumbnailSlip Grip Slipper thumbnail

If your pet needs that extra traction indoors, Slip Grip Slippers can help!

Slip Grip Slippers are non-slip booties that keep your pet stable on slippery indoor flooring surfaces. They are  made from a soft, comfortable, nylon lined S-FOAM neoprene on the inside and on the outside, there is a BASE textile to help with lining reinforcement for the pet’s nails and to combat slipping.

Slip Grip Slippers come in the following sizes:-

X-Small (0-3cms), Small (3-5cms), Medium (5-7cms), Large (7-9 cms), X-Large (8-10cms)

* OrthoPets Slip Grips come as a pair (2 boots)
* Slip Grips can be used for front or back paws

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