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Tarsus (Ankle)

Tarsus braces are available with a myriad of articulation options for use with a wide range of cases. The most common being Achilles tendon injuries, where they can be used either in a curative role or in support of surgery. Other examples are cases of general plantar grade collapse, medial/lateral instability or hyperextension.

Tarsus 1

Our 'Progressive Dynamic Tarsus Orthosis', can be used as either a curative solution, for long term support of chronic conditions, or in support of surgery in order to improve the outcome and prevent re-injury. The device is articulated at the tarsus, but a variable motion limiter is fitted allowing the degree of movement to be controlled. Movement can be set at zero to lock the tarsus, or to any of 3 progressive levels of articulation. This allows the range of movement, and therefore the strain and extension of tendons, to be reintroduced gradually and in a controlled manner, as the condition improves. For severe cases, and especially where injury to the superficial digital flexor tendon is present, an articulated paw section can be included, with the option to initially lock movement during the early stages.

As with our carpus brace, with more severe tarsus cases we will often incorporate the paw into the device to increase the leverage of the distal (lower) segment. This increased leverage provides maximum control over the affected joint, while minimising the amount of corrective force being transmitted through the skin to the musculoskeletal system.

N.B. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual device designs may vary.

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