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Carpus (Wrist)

Our range of carpus braces are commonly used for hyperextension injuries, cases of general palmar grade collapse or medial/lateral (side to side) instabilities, as well as varus/valgus deformities.

Carpus Brace 1Carpus Brace 2

We refer to our Hyperextension version as 'Arthrodesis on Demand', as we feel that is what it mimics. The device allows normal range of flexion movement, but when the joint returns to a normal, neutral standing position, the device 'lock stops' prevent the joint from breaking into hyperextension.

The non-articulating version is used for more severe cases of hyper extension or palmer grade collapse etc., where it provides a viable alternative to an arthrodesis, especially where there are age, clinical or cost considerations. It can also be used in support of such surgery to prevent problems during the rehabilitation phase.

With more severe cases, we will often incorporate the paw in our carpal brace to increase the leverage of the distal (lower) segment. This increased leverage provides maximum control over the affected joint, while minimising the amount of corrective force being transmitted through the skin to the musculoskeletal system.

N.B. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual device designs may vary.

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