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Orthotics & Prosthetics

Our Orthotic & Prosthetic solutions are custom fabricated for each individual patient and their requirements and should not be confused with simple splints. We use the latest techniques and advanced materials & hardware available, most having been ported directly from the field of human orthotics. This approach ensures the optimum in terms of comfort, fit and support.

The primary use of an OrthoPets Europe's Orthosis (dog brace) is to provide control and support to the patient's joint. Support is provided to the musculoskeletal system by controlling one or multiple planes of motion within an affected joint. This enables an Orthosis to gain control over medial/lateral, rotational and cranial/caudal movement in the joint. The luxury of a custom Orthosis is that you can allow or restrict motion within any plane of motion that you wish.

Our range of orthotic dog leg braces provide support to elbow, carpus (wrist), stifle (knee) and tarsus (ankle) joints. We also produce stump & socket type lower limb prosthetic solutions for both thoracic (fore) and pelvic (hind) limbs.

The materials and hardware used in our devices are resilient to all but the extremes of weather and with the exception of the straps & pads they are waterproof. Under normal circumstances, the shells can often last the lifetime of the dog. However, we would recommend that devices are periodically refurbished to maintain levels of comfort and fit, which dependent on wear and tear, would generally be every 12-24 months*.

* Devices which are subjected to heavy and/or prologed use may require more frequent refurbishment.
N.B. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual device designs may vary.