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Joint Support Wraps

OrthoPets Joint Support Wraps are available for both the Carpus and Tarsus joints and are recommended for patients that have a mild instability of the joint.

Joint Support WrapsThese innovative support systems offer comfort and support through compression and variable support struts. The Joint Support Wraps are made with S-FOAM neoprene that is both lightweight and durable.

The OrthoPets Joint Support Wrap is designed to provide mild support and joint compression. If your pet’s injury or instability is more significant than the intended use of these wraps, then follow this link to learn more about our custom orthosis solutions. 

We recommend replacing your Joint Support Wrap solution after six months of use, to ensure best comfort and function for your pet. There is also a GlideWear Sleeve available for those dogs that have sensitive skin or scar tissue,  which are sold separately.

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